Disrupt the market, strengthen your share at NexTV Series CEE & DACH !

The NexTV Series CEE & DACH to reunites the skills, knowledge and experience at one place to shape the future of this industry.

The NexTV Series CEE & DACH features panel discussions, one-to-one sessions, keynote addresses with C-level speakers to provide strategic insights into the latest TV, media, telecom and entertainment trends to enable you and your business to identify new opportunities and stay ahead of the game.

Key topics across NexTV Series CEE & DACH 2018 agenda include:

The pay TV distribution landscape is undergoing dramatic changes as consumers now expect to get all the best of the OTT world as part of their subscription. Operators, at the same time must anticipate the demand of future.  Several issues like evolution of STBS, IoT, skinny bundles and user experience will be debated.

In Europe, FTA TV broadcasters have a powerful importance in the market, with often significant audiences, resources, production of original content. How can FTA broadcasters leverage on their position and continue to develop their mission?

Many countries are witnessing the entry of new OTT pay TV distributors, willing to challenge existing operators with no fixed line infrastructure.  Is it the way to go forward? What are the technical and regulatory challenges?

Direct satellite TV distribution continues to develop in the region. However, as OTT is becoming a viable alternative and FTA TV distribution is moving more and more to low cost pay TV. What are the prospects for the future ?

How are historical incumbent telecom operators deploying successful pay TV strategies in their countries. Speakers will discuss about their content, technologies and OTT strategies.

CEO to discuss about Pay TV in the context of their global business and strategies. What is the role of TV in a global operator strategy. What does TV represent in the overall offer? Importance of blended ARPU and role of premium content.

The consumption of content has changed drastically.  How are CEE Pay TV operators adapting their offer ? 

Terrestrial TV reception is reducing quickly and in some countries is becoming marginal.  Is there still ways to build a future on it ? Panelists will discuss the different business and technology alternatives in their countries.

While “traditional” TV viewing remains important, non-linear audience coming from internet and social media are becomes more and more important. In this panel, we’ll have a look at how FTA Broadcasters are changing their TV offer to adapt to the new viewing habit.

Several international streaming services have European strategies and are active in several CEE & DACH countries. Panelists will talk about their strategies, importance of local content and competition from US OTTs.

Increasing broadband connectivity is paving the way for mobile operators to add TV offer? What are the OTT strategies for content distribution?  Case study with key operators.

The convergence of different technologies means that it is now easy for these operators to offer Pay TV and OTT to increase their revenues. Do telecom operators need to reinvent themselves as a media companies?

How is OTT used by Pay TV operators to enhance their existing offers and maintain their competitiveness?


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