Ana Maria Niculae


TV Programming & Marketing Manager | Intact Media Group

Ana Maria Niculae is the Programming and Scheduling Manager at Intact Media Group in Romania. She is in charge of developing programming strategies and program schedules for the channel, including the first Romanian TV series filmed entirely with a smartphone; almost 9.000.000 views on YouTube and improved slot’s ratings. Leading the Programming team for more than six years (played a key role in developing a new content grid back in 2016; changing the content strategy brought a 50 % rating increase in prime time). She has been establishing and maintaining close working relationships with TV content distributors to find and select suitable content based on program needs. Ana Maria is very familiar with the European TV market trends, especially CEE market. She is responsible for choosing the local programme title for acquired TV series and movies, planning the budget and updating the Financial Department regarding costs. She also works closely with the Sales Department to find selling points for the channel's content.