Manush Melkumyan

Manush Melkumyan-Ucom.JPG

Head of Content & Media Division | Ucom

Currently Manushak manages Media and Content division in one of the largest (leading in Broadband & TV, providing the widest range of Telecom services) telecom companies in Armenia Ucom. Manushak has started her telecom career in 2009 as the Head of Marketing Department of a newly established company of Ucom. Before being appointed as the Head of Content & Media in 2016, she has also worked as the CEO adviser, also the Head of Interconnection and Acquisitions department in the same company, as well as Head of Interconnection department of Orange Armenia (2015-2016). Throughout her entire career and entrepreneurship activity she hold various positions including private business consultant and Executive Producer (2007-present), CEO and Media Director in Armenian and international companies (2011-2018), National Expert in UNIDO (2012-2017), Head of International Affairs department and Program Manager in Armenian Red Cross Society (2000-2007). She holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from three Armenian and American Universities with respective specializations in Economy, Art Management and Business including an MBA from Kennesaw State University, US.